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Unraveling the Deception: Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson's Twisted Tale

Chuck Phillips
Chuck Phillips

Uncovering the corrupt relationship between Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson, we delve into the manipulative tactics and conflicting testimonies to unravel the truth behind Biggie Smalls' murder.

On this episode of The Dossier, host Don Sikorski digs into the intriguing relationship between Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson, unraveling a web of potential corruption and collusion in the Biggie Smalls murder case. Don peels back the layers, speculating on Chuck's ties with Suge Knight, LAPD, and the city of LA's legal team, shedding light on their secretive maneuvers. Don's investigation into the intricate connections and motivations involved in this high-profile case will definitely keep you hooked!


The biggest takeaway was the strategic game the city of LA was playing was pure textbook red herrings. - Don Sikorski


If Waymond Anderson didn't have information about Suge Knight, about the murder, about Death Row, why the f*** were all of these major players in this case visiting him? - Don Sikorski


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the web of corruption and collusion in the unsolved murder of Biggie Smalls.

  • Explore the intricate relationship between Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson and its impact on high-profile cases.

  • Understand the manipulation of witnesses in the Wallace lawsuit and its implications for justice.

  • Delve into the involvement of LAPD and city attorney in significant cases and uncover potential conflicts of interest.

  • Investigate the mysterious disappearance of Chuck Phillips and its potential connections to ongoing investigations.

Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson's relationship is central to this unfolding tale. On the surface, it's a journalist-witness association - but scratch a bit deeper, and you'll discover numerous threads that hint at questionable involvements and seemingly dubious actions. These complexities extend to other figures like Suge Knight and LAPD Deputy Chief Berkow, revealing an intertwined network of intricate relationships that possibly influenced the outcome of Biggie's murder case.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:14 - Chuck Phillips and the LA Times 

00:01:19 - The Testimony of Waymond Anderson 

00:04:21 - Threats and Intimidation 

00:09:46 - Sealed Depositions and Journalistic Collusion 

00:15:30 - Waymond Anderson's Credibility 

00:17:34 - Relationship Dynamics: Chuck Phillips and Waymond Anderson 

00:19:33 - Public Perception Manipulation 

00:22:26 - Fabrication of Testimony 

00:25:23 - Strategic Plot Unveiled 

00:30:37 - Coercion and Fear



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