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This Cannabis Cutie gives
higher education a new meaning

The Cannabis Cutie

Lasagna Ganja Podcast
The Cannabis Cutie host Lasagna Ganja_ed

The Cannabis Cutie, Tammy Pettigrew, is the co-host of Lasagna Ganja, a series that highlights and explores the growing industry that is Cannabis along with owners/operators, growers, celebrities/influencers and lawmakers who shape the world within the cannabis space.

Tammy is a TV and podcast host, educator, athlete, mom, business consultant, and advocate on a mission to free the cannabis plant. 

After receiving her MBA in Miami, Pettigrew built a cannabis empire in California through educational, business-minded content that speaks to the industry—as well as to the masses. The Cannabis Cutie’s offerings include the Cannabis 101 online course, a comprehensive Cannabinoids E-book, and the Higher Learning Book Club. She also offers consulting services to aid start-ups & established businesses alike in product development.


Pettigrew brings a fresh breath of normalization to the industry. So beloved is her following, she caught the eye of Snoop Dogg. He’s become a mentor. Besides co-hosting Lasagna Ganja, The Cannabis Cutie will be hosting two shows—one on sports & one on cannabis education—both produced by Snoop’s entertainment team. 

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