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Listen to success stories from Black actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, activists & 'allies' to learn how you can achieve your goals and grow your own business.

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LOVE This Show!!!!

I’m not that person who’s up on the latest podcasts and I just happened to stumble across this one by chance. This show has amazing guests and I absolutely love his interview style. Listen. To. This. Show. Now. !!!

My Favorite Interview Podcast 👏🏽

Toure is my favorite writer/interviewer. He never ceases to feature prominent people in the black community whose stories don’t frequently get told in Black safe spaces. Toure invites you in with questions about his guest’s backgrounds, their set backs, and how their path has shaped who they are now. I also love that Toure is not biased to guests in the LGBTQ community, and choosing to highlight people doing real work in the community and entertainment industry! 💕🙌🏽

Brilliant content

Brilliant content - This is a supreme pod cast by someone who could not be a more eloquent speaker and source of sought out intelligence in today’s world.

Black Excellence

I take a lot of pleasure in listening to this brother and his intelligence. Every episode I have listened to has been worth every minute. I love getting to hear all these different life stories! Keep up the great work Toure!! You make my work day easier!!



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