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Korryn Gaines STN

Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines 23, died on August 1, 2016, inside of her home in Randallstown MD. Police were there to serve a warrant, but forced entry into her home. Korryn documented the encounter on her facebook live as she sat inside armed, and with her 5 year old son Kodi. The family believes the impatience of an officer resulted in the killing of Korryn and injury of her young son.

Rhanda Gaines (mother)

From the time she was in head start, she took her space, there was no
edging her out.
Korryn_gaines Say_Their_name

Ryan Gaines (brother)

I'm gonna be honest with you, Korryn was my main source of the knowledge that I have today. everything she learned, she presented it to me, I researched it.

Be A Part Of The Movement

Support the Coalition of Concerned Mothers

Call the County Executive Office to fight to have Kodi’s settlement reinstated.

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