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Who Was Prince DCP
Who Was Prince

Hosted By Toure

Who Was Prince? is the ultimate look at the greatest and most mysterious musician of the modern era. Prince was a genius singer, songwriter, guitarist, and performer but how did he create so much music, what was he like as a person, what was his childhood like? This eight episode series is built on interviews with people who were close to him—people who played in his bands, managed his career, engineered his music, or dated him.

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Who-Was-Prince Podcast DCP


Must Listen

Prince was my first (and longest-lasting) musical love. His death hit me harder than that of anyone I didn’t know personally. For all his success he remained elusive, a truly complex person. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this excellent series.


As a Prince fan, I think this is a nice glimpse I to his life. Can’t wait for more.

Thank You Toure

’ve always been described as Prince like or having a Prince vibe. Truthfully he is one of my top three favorite artist, but I’ve only known him through song and Dave Chapelle, never much about him as a person. I love this podcast and I’m glad it exists I find myself learning more about my who I am. I’m 29 and building my life asymmetrical to what I’ve known over the generations. I admire Prince, I appreciate the humanizing, it makes my journey feel more livable. I didn’t realize how much I shared with Prince far as family background in the sense of plurality in my consciousness. Thank you Toure!

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