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Kaldrick Donald

Kaldrick Donald was killed by police in Gretna, FL on October 28, 2014. At the age of 24, he was shot by an officer in his family's bathroom after the officer arrived to help get Kaldrick mental health care. Kaldrick's family and attorney discuss how the case was kept out of the public eye, and how the officer's pattern of behavior has terrorized their small town.

Juanita 'Lois' Donald (mother)

"A lot of people come walk up and say, "Lois," you so strong." I said, "It's not strong. It's just nothing I can do about it." But I see him (the police officer that killed Kaldrick Donald) a lot, and when I see him sometime, you know how you bite down on your teeth and stuff. And then you just looking at him. And then he already did harm to my family, and then he looks at me all crazy. You want to bother me. He don't have a heart. He's the worst officer I've ever met in my life."
Kaldrick Donalds mother
"My daughter even ran (into the police officer) in the store one night. And she called me, she say, "Mom, that officer bothering me." I say, "Who?" She say, "Officer Brown." She say, "I was just in the store. I was just looking. I knew that was him. He was just looking and I was just looking." And then he say, "You can at least speak." So she told him, "What I want to speak to you for? You the one who killed my brother." And then (she) said he left out of there cussing, "I'm going to end up killing one of you little MFs," or something like that. Why they got him out? He need to go. " 
Kaldrick family

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