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Danielle is a cultural connoisseur, political junkie, and podcaster extraordinaire.

Danielle Moodie

danielle-moodie-DCP Woke AF

Danielle co-hosts democracy-ish, channeling the frustration, rage and absurdity that was the 2020 election, while discussing the current state of the political climate and our country from a black progressive perspective.


Never shy about shaking things up and calling out BS where she sees it, Danielle has been an unapologetic commentator about America’s racism problem. She made waves on election night in 2016 when she called Donald Trump’s win “white supremacy’s last stand”—video clips of which went viral.  


Danielle’s perspectives and insights are in high demand. A former (and self-proclaimed recovering) lobbyist turned media maven, her opinions and cultural commentary have been published in a variety of outlets, including Medium’s Zora Magazine and GEN, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Essence, The Atlantic, Ebony, Huffington Post, and others. 


She is the co-founder of the boutique communications and PR firm Moodie-Mills Strategies and makes frequent appearances on MSNBC, CBC, PBS, and BBC America. Danielle has scripted, developed, produced, and/or co-hosted podcasts and miniseries for both radio and TV. 

 New episodes of democracy-ish are posted every Thursday. 
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