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The Head Nod

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A New Podcast Highlighting Black Experiences in Predominantly White Spaces


[Chicago/New York, August 1, 2023] - Get ready to immerse yourself in raw and unfiltered conversations about Black life in predominantly white spaces with the highly-anticipated podcast, "The Head Nod." Recently the show dropped  its captivating trailer on August 1st, and will launch its first episode on August 15th, "The Head Nod" promises to offer an authentic take on the Black experience.


Season one of "The Head Nod" focuses on "Black Life at a PWI (Predominantly White Institutions)." Throughout this exciting season, the podcast offers an in-depth and entertaining look into the college experiences of Black students who attended PWIs. From the initial culture shock to navigating the complexities of Greek life, and even sharing random Saturday night adventures at the most unexpected places - "The Head Nod" leaves no stone unturned.


Co-Hosted by award-winning podcast hosts & producers Adell Coleman, COO of DCP Entertainment and Anna DeShawn, CEO of The Qube, each episode of "The Head Nod" gives listeners an inside look into their college experience which isn’t often heard. Coleman says, “The Head nod is something that brings us all together, we all know that feeling we get when acknowledging each other while in predominantly white spaces”.  DeShawn says, “The majority of Black folks attended a PWI and we’ve never had a platform to talk about our experiences. It wasn’t all bad”. 


In a world where relatable experiences can sometimes feel scarce, "The Head Nod" serves as a beacon of connection, fostering understanding and empathy. Through the power of storytelling, this podcast aims to bridge gaps and ignite meaningful conversations.


For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, please contact:

[Your Name] [Your Email Address] [Your Phone Number]


DCP is a media agency that elevates underrepresented voices. Through award-winning podcast & video production, as well as tapping into digital influencers, DCP specializes in reaching BIPOC, LGBTQ and other marginalized communities with engaging content that highlights important conversations featuring authentic and entertaining voices.


The Qube is a podcast production company and curated platform to discover the best BIPOC and Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) podcasts. We are here to diversify the fastest growing medium today by creating a space of discoverability for audiences invested in culturally aligned content. 


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Check out this fantastic piece about Toureshow, written by our very own CEO Chris Colbert


From Paralympics To Podcasting: Lacey Henderson Finds Her People


By Martin Kessler

Digital Trends


November 01, 2019


Back in June, U.S. Paralympian Lacey Henderson launched a new podcast and video series called "Picked Last In Gym Class."


The show features conversations between Lacey and a range of guests — from athletes, to comedians, to entrepreneurs. Many of the guests also have disabilities.


"Because, you know, I'm trying to bring the people up, trying to bring my people up," she says.


But Lacey Henderson didn't always see people with disabilities as “her people.”

In fact, for a large portion of her life, she didn’t consider herself disabled.

Things Didn't Make Sense'

Lacey Henderson was always an active kid, so when she told her parents about a pain in her right leg, they weren’t too concerned.


"They were like, 'Listen, it’s probably nothing. You’re probably sore from soccer. It’s probably growing pains,' " Lacey recalls.


Lacey was 9 years old. She had just started at a new school.


"So I was the only new kid. Brutal," Lacey says. "And now I was this new kid with this weird limp. And I'm like, 'No worries. It's just growing pains, guys.' ”


But the pain got worse — bad enough that Lacey, always one of the top athletes her age, started sitting out gym class.


"I couldn't straighten out my knee after awhile," she says. "So I was just walking on my toes. And it got to a point where my school's calling my parents, and they’re like, 'What is wrong with Lacey's leg? Like, what is actually going on?' ”

Picked Last In Gym Class

Best new podcasts for the week of September 21, 2019: The Happiness Lab and more


Jenny McGrath

Digital Trends


September 30, 2019

The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while you’re doing other things: Washing dishes, going for a run, coloring, and especially, driving. But there are so many podcasts these days that it’s simply impossible to keep up. There are new ones debuting all the time, and it’s hard to know whether they deserve a spot in your feed.

Every week, we highlight new and returning podcasts we couldn’t put down. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest or you’re just dipping your toe into the vast ocean of podcasts, we’ll find you something worth listening to. This week, we’ve got podcasts about cats, chats, Veronica Mars, and happiness.

Picked Last In Gym Class

We’ll probably never know how many kids were inspired to take up cheerleading as a result of Bring It On, but Lacey Henderson was among them. Her skills earned her a spot on the Denver University team, where she then started competing in track and field in 2012.

Just four years later, Henderson made the U.S. Paralympic Team and went to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the long jump. On her new podcast, Henderson talks with musicians, athletes, photographers, and more about how they’ve dealt with life’s unexpected struggles. In one episode, she and Andrew McMahon (whose bands include Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin) compare “cancer stories,” and Henderson shares a truly heart-melting moment that occurred when she was nine years old when her older brother found out she would have to have her leg amputated.

LACEY Alumna Article

With Podcast, Paralympian

Alumna Pursues New Track and Field

DU graduate Lacey Henderson uses her past and her platform to normalize disability


September 23, 2019


Feature Profile

AlumniIn the World

Finally, Lacey Henderson gets to ask the questions. Lord knows she’s used to answering them.

“What happened to you?”

“How did you lose your leg?”

“Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come? It’s like you’re not even disabled!”


As an amputee, a Paralympian and an advocate for people with disabilities, Henderson (BA ’11) has done her share of the talking. The University of Denver alumna has delivered TED Talks and made public appearances and answered the questions of countless gawkers.


But now, as host of “Picked Last in Gym Class,” a new podcast focused on humanity and humor, Henderson is ready to start listening.


“It’s very refreshing [to be on the other end],” she says. “I don’t mind speaking and telling my story, but I know how it ends.”

For those who haven’t heard, here’s a quick refresher: In 1999, doctors found a lightbulb-sized tumor behind her right kneecap, the product of a rare, deadly soft-tissue cancer called synovial sarcoma. When she was just 9 years old, surgeons amputated her leg 6 inches above the knee.

Chris story with Lisa Cleary

Media Production Company CEO Chris Colbert on Finding His Vision

Aug 11, 2019

(Photo by Ray Singh) When you discover your calling, how do you honor it? Take the advice of Chris Colbert (pronounced KOAL-bert), CEO of DCP Entertainment, who not only found his vision – but founded it, too.

The NYC-based media production company, DCP Entertainment, features carefully curated and produced podcasts and videos of diverse hosts – ranging from Touré to Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen to Lacey J. Henderson.

The goal? To foster dialogue in need of discussion, like reducing the stigma of suicide and increasing awareness surrounding mental health. DCP Entertainment tells stories through real-life, raw perspectives, like that of Talinda Bennington, wife of the late Chester Bennington, who was known by millions as the former lead front man of Linkin Park.

Colbert found his calling more than a decade ago as an intern with Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM Radio). At just 21 years old, and while earning his degree from Seton Hall University, Colbert helped to create Oscar and Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx’s comedy and music channel, “The Foxxhole.”

Colbert then joined SiriusXM full time and helped create “Carlin’s Corner,” a 24/7 George Carlin comedy channel, as well as “Que Funny,” the only bilingual Latino comedy channel on SiriusXM at the time. He served as Director of Urban Talk and Comedy, and oversaw programming and operations for permanent and pop-up stations and channels, including for “Urban View” and “Blue Collar Radio,” now “Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup.”

VA WHITE HOUSE_Barbara Van Dahlen

VA and White House launch Veteran suicide-prevention task force

June 17, 2019, 03:1400 PM

WASHINGTON — As part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and White House initiative to curb Veteran suicide, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council Joe Grogan will launch a cabinet-level task force June 17 to develop a national roadmap. 

The President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS) task force will include a community integration and collaboration proposal, a national research strategy and an implementation strategy. 

Efforts supporting the development of the roadmap are already well under way and are on target for the March 2020 delivery to the White House. 

“This is a call to action,” Wilkie said. “In order to decrease the rate of Veteran suicide, we need to engage our local and community partners in addition to leveraging the resources of the departments. We need an all-hands on-deck approach to preserve the lives of our Veterans who have served our country. As such, I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, the founder and president of Give an Hour, has agreed to serve as executive director of the critical PREVENTS work. Dr. Van Dahlen is widely recognized for changing the culture surrounding mental health and suicide and is an expert and thought leader in large-system change. We are proud to have her leading this effort.” 


DCP Entertainment Launches Picked Last In Gym Class Video & Podcast Series

Hosted by Paralympian Lacey Henderson, New Show to Address Self Confidence



DCP Entertainment 

Jun 12, 2019, 08:36 ET


NEW YORK, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DCP Entertainment, a media production and distribution company, today announced the launch of Picked Last in Gym Class with host Lacey Henderson. Henderson, a Paralympic athlete who competed in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in Track & Field, is fueled by the relationships and connections she's made with others on her life's journey. Through conversations with these influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, activists, and creatives, Henderson finds the things we all can relate to, like how we handle the obstacles life throws in our way, and finding humor throughout it all.

Picked Last in Gym Class Interview with Joel Strong Picked Last in Gym Class

Yahoo DCP Press Release

DCP Entertainment Launches Video Series to Accompany Inner Space With Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen


PR Newswire June 10, 2019


In Conjunction with A Week to Change Direction, Weekly Series to Air on YouTube

NEW YORK, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

WHAT: DCP Entertainment today announced the release of Inner Space with Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen video series. Hosted by Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D., the Founder and President of Give an Hour who was named in 2012 to TIME Magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, the show discusses mental health, emotional well-being and finding our healthy "inner space." Inner Space launched as a successful podcast earlier this year, and will now release the podcast's most poignant interviews as standalone video episodes.

Politico playbook Hakeem Jeffries Toure

POLITICO Playbook PM: What House Dem leadership said about impeachment today

NEW … INCHING CLOSER? … REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES (D-N.Y.), the No. 4 House Democrat, spoke to TOURÉ for his podcast about impeachment. The podcast will drop Wednesday. TOURÉ: “Should Trump be impeached?”


JEFFRIES: “The Judiciary Committee, on which I sit, should have hearings on three things: obstruction of justice, abuse of power and the culture of corruption that appears to exist at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I’m of the view that those hearings should commence immediately. And we need to present the information to the American people. What you call those hearings -- that is a decision that will ultimately be made by Chairman Nadler and Speaker Pelosi.”


TOURÉ: “Is the decision to not impeach based on politics and the 2020 election and how it would reflect on Dems?” JEFFRIES: “It would be dangerous for us to make a decision about impeachment anchored in politics either way. To either decide that we’re not going to impeach because it would be bad politically or that we’ll dive into impeachment because it’ll help politically.

Innerspace in People

Sean Brosnan opens up about his battle with drugs


Debbie McGoldrick


May 03, 2019

Actor Pierce Brosnan's sons Dylan, Sean, and Paris at the premiere of No Escape in LA, in August 2015.

Pierce Brosnan’s son Sean, who his late wife Cassandra gave birth to in 1983, eight years before her death from ovarian cancer, recently opened up about his life as a reformed drug addict.  

Pierce Brosnan's Son Sean Recalls

Pierce Brosnan's Son Sean Recalls His Harrowing Struggle with Addiction and His Path to Sobriety

On the Inner Space with Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen podcast, Sean Brosnan discussed how his grief led to addiction with drugs and alcohol

By Eric Todisco 

April 04, 2019 05:54 PM

DCP Press release

DCP Entertainment Launches Inner Space With Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen Podcast

New show aims to expand our understanding of emotional well-being 


DCP Entertainment 

Mar 04, 2019, 08:45 ET


NEW YORK, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DCP Entertainment, a media production and distribution company, today announced the launch of Inner Space with Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, a new podcast focused on emotional health and well-being.

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