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Archie Artie Elliott III

Archie “Artie” Elliott III 

Archie "Artie" Elliott III was killed by police in District Heights, MD on June 18, 1993. At the age of 24 he was shot by police 14 times while handcuffed and sitting in the front seat of a police car after being arrested for a suspected DUI. This episode features an in-depth conversation with Archie's family and friends about what they remember from that tragic day. And along with activist and veteran radio host Joe Madison, they discuss the ongoing efforts to have Archie's case reopened.
Archie's Father

Archie Elliott Jr.

Archie's mother
"And I cringe whenever I hear sirens going off and the police are rushing down the street. Or if I see them that have stopped a couple of young black guys, and I said, "Well, Lord, I surely hope that they live to go home. That the police don't kill them."

Dorothy Elliott

John Elliott

"I remember the location once they showed it on the news. I said man, I know where that's at. Even at my young age (11 years old) it was right down the street and even at my young age I wish it was me. I didn't know nothing about police brutality and guns and nothing like that because I was never taught that. But once I knew my brother wasn't coming back home, it took my heart away."
Incident site Archie Elliott
Incident Site
Artie's brother

David Burch Jr.
(best friend)

"He (Archie "Artie" Elliott III) didn't deserve it. They took a son from his mother and father. A brother from his other siblings. they killed a good dude, just point blank. And to walk and nothing happened, criminal or civil. I mean, I don't see how Ms. Elliott do it, but she's been pushing forever, since it happened, since 1993. And she says she's going to continue to push. So, I just hope and pray I can do my part."

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