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Jamar Clark Burns Hill
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Jamar (Clark) Burns-Hill

Jamar (Clark) Burns-Hill was killed by police in Minneapolis, MN on November 15, 2015. At the age of 24, he was shot in the head by a police officer at point blank range while witnesses said Jamar was complying with officers before he was thrown to the ground and killed. Jamar's mother, sister and activists speak about his untimely death, the petition to reopen his case, and how their lawyer prophetically warned Minneapolis in 2019 that if another unarmed Black person was killed by police, the city would explode.

Irma Burns (mother)

"People were donating. People were opening up GoFundMes. People were doing stuff, but we never got the money. Nothing. But we're struggling trying to get people to help us get my son buried."
Irma Burns Jamar Clark Burns-Hill Mother mother
Tiffany Roberson

Tiffany Roberson

"Instead of them (police) taking him to the hospital, they took him to jail? They didn't give him any medical care after being beat up. So the mugshot that they have of him, he looks really, really rough. He had a busted lip and he's like looking like he wanted to cry. But for a person that does not know, my brother would look like he's an angry person. But my brother looked sad in that picture with that. After that Jamar pursued a lawsuit against Minneapolis Police, Fourth Precinct. And he was in the process of that at the time of his death. I remember him telling me about it."
Tiffany Roberson with her brother

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