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Duane “Wane” Strong Jr.

Duane "Wane" Strong Jr. was killed by police in Tallahassee, FL on May 29, 2014. At the age of 18, he was shot by an officer while trying to leave a nightclub parking lot. Duane's family and his attorney speak about his unexpected death, and the lack of justice for them and other families in Florida.

Ayouna McClinton (Mother)

Ayouna McClinton (Mother)

"He (Duane Strong Jr.) was never a victim in their eyes. Never. Perpetrator from the moment that I saw he was shot by police. He was the perpetrator and the officer was more or less the victim. They even showed a picture of Duane where he had gotten in trouble and the booking, they showed his jail picture. That's the picture that they showed of Duane. Never asked me for a picture. They just took that picture and just blasted it all over the news. It never changed. Every time the media covered it showed that same picture."

Hannah McClinton (Grandmother)

Duane Strong's  grandmother Hannah McClinton

Curtis Sampson

"But it's the same across the board, and you hear this same story. Don't win the criminal case, but wins the civil case. But it's always Black folks. White folks win the (criminal) case and win the civil suit. So we (Black people) always come out on the back end. So they're saying that, "Well, we admitted that we did something wrong, so we're going to pay you over here." Which makes zero sense. Because nothing's going to make you whole again at that point."
Duane Strong's Uncle Curtis Sampson

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