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Rekia Boyd

On March 21st, 2012 Rekia Boyd affectionately known as Strawberry or Kia, encountered un-uniformed officer Dante Servin, while she was with a group of young people in an alleyway across from Douglass Park on the West Side of Chicago. The officer was known for being hostile to those living in the community. The officer pulled up to the group, words were exchanged and the officer opened fire, shooting Antonio Cross in the hand and shooting Rekia in the back of her head. Though Rekia’s family pressed charges they ran into some consequential challenges when the judge discovered a technicality in the case.
Rekia Boyd Brother Martinez

Martinez Sutton

"Rekia was the one to say I love you, I miss you, come to try to kiss you on the cheek, she was the affectionate one and she wasn’t afraid to show it."

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