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Bettie Jones

Bettie Jones was a 55 year old mother and grandmother, who on the early morning of December 26th, 2015 was shot multiple times by officer Robert Rialmo of the Chicago Police Department, as she opened the door to her home for him. Officer Rialmo also shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier, who had come downstairs with a bat while dealing with a mental health situation. Officers were initially called by LeGrier's father who had barricaded himself in his room in an upstairs apartment. He had asked Jones to open the door to the building to let officers in. A lot of debate circulated around the officer's location when he fired the fatal shots.

(Bettie Jones sister)

Shown: Anthony (son),
Carol (sister), Camilla (niece)

"She didn't die from cancer. She's a 55-year-old woman getting shot by the people that's supposed to be protecting you, you know?"

LaTisha & LaTonya Jones
(Bettie Gang Twins)

"My mom was everybody's pick, she was everybody's favorite, she was everybody's go to person, if you was in trouble, if you needed money, if you needed anything, my mama was the one to call, and she never said no."

Shown: Anthony, LaToya (her son
and daugher) and Marcus (nephew)

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