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Shantae explores
her hair x mental health...
unpacking her ongoing identity crisis

Shantae Howell

Shantae Howell



As the child of a Jamaican immigrant -- aforementioned Thelma -- Shantae’s humor and worldview is informed by her experiences growing up, as well as the joy and tough conversations she’s shared with loved ones over the years. Shantae is curious about the ways in which experiences across Black diaspora and various (other) immigrant communities impact our relationships to ourselves and each other. Be it through the lens of finance, food or -- with this project -- hair, she hopes to inspire self-awareness, introspection and hopefully a laugh or two.

"For as long as I can remember, so much of my identity and self worth has been wrapped up in my hair. Edges is a concept inspired by my hair and mental health journey, my (still very much in progress) coming of age story born out of years of therapy and soul searching. This project is my unpacking and making peace with the parts of my life that I'm still processing. To be able to look in the mirror and at old photos with empathy and love for the person I was, am and will be." - Shantae Howell, Creator & Host of Edges.

In the 9-5 of things, Shantae’s found success behind the scenes, working with brands like Ben & Jerry's and KitchenAid to produce long form branded content and custom integrations.

Shantae Howell is a Chicago-based creative, proud daughter of Thelma, sister of three and wife of one.
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