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Chief Executive Officer

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Chris began his career in audio production as an intern and consultant for Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM Radio). While simultaneously earning his degree from Seton Hall University, he helped create Oscar and Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx’s comedy and music channel “The Foxxhole”.


Upon successful completion and tremendous success with “The Foxxhole”, Chris joined SiriusXM full time and helped create “Carlin’s Corner”, a 24/7 George Carlin comedy channel and “Que Funny”, SiriusXM’s only bilingual Latino comedy channel. He also oversaw programming and operations for “Urban View” and “Blue Collar Radio” (now “Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup”). In addition to SiriusXM’s permanent stations, Chris also worked on pop-up channels such as “Richard Pryor Radio”, “Star Wars Radio”, “Comic Con Radio”, and “E3 Radio”.


As Director of Urban Talk and Comedy for SiriusXM, Chris worked on several audio documentaries. These documentaries provided his transition to the role of Vice President of Programming for Cadence13 (formerly DGital Media). While at Cadence13, he oversaw all documentary projects and produced top podcasts such as “Cover Up”, “Origins”, “What Really Happened”, and “Majority 54”.


Having worked with names like Jamie Foxx, Touré, James Andrew Miller, Joy-Ann Reid, Zak Levitt, Andrew Jenks, Joe Madison, ESSENCE, PEOPLE, Crooked Media, Sports Illustrated, WME, and the United Negro College Fund, Chris specializes in media partnerships and content development.


With a passion for connecting audiences with innovative and inspiring content, Chris founded DCP Entertainment; a place to bring together audio and visual storytelling.


Chief Content Officer 

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Adell Coleman's career spans over 16 years, beginning as a producer and host of “2KNation” station on WPFW 89.3 at the age of 15. This early start paved the way for her to earn a degree in Mass Communications from Penn State University. She then moved back to her hometown of Washington DC to join the SiriusXM team. During her time at SiriusXM, Adell worked alongside DCP Entertainment’s Founder and CEO Chris Colbert, producing a number of shows and specials, and taking over as Executive Producer of SiriusXM’s “Urban View” channel.


Throughout her career, she has produced a number of high-profile broadcasts, winning numerous accolades. Adell has worked with Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden, actor/author Hill Harper, and inspirational speaker, author and television personality Iyanla Vanzant. Recently she was an Associate Producer for Congresswoman Maxine Water’s State of the Union rebuttal. Adell has received commendations from the Alliance for Women in Media, The National Association of Black Journalists, New York Festivals, as well as her alma mater Penn State University.


In addition to her passion for audio storytelling, she is an advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness. She feels strongly about supporting victims and sharing her own story; her published work on Domestic Violence is scheduled for release later this year.


Adell Coleman


Executive Producer


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While pursuing a degree in Fine Arts from New York University, Jacqueline Garofano interned for the President of VH1 Production. This dynamic experience inspired her initial exploration into other mediums of television production.


During her fifteen-year run within various departments at MTV Networks, Jacqueline developed original series, produced award shows, interviewed celebrities like Chris Martin, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift, and was part of the team that launched MTV On Demand. Jacqueline’s successes at MTV led to production opportunities with The Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and The Oxygen Network. Her expertise and talent gave her the opportunity to develop and direct an original reality show for The Oxygen Network.


Jacqueline's love of producing, interviewing and working with talented teams led her to DCP Entertainment where she shares a mutual passion for connecting audiences with inspiring content that represents all voices.



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Ryan Woodhall, a third-generation musician, has been working in music & media since he was in high school. After studying audio engineering at the City University of New York, Ryan began working with the Red Bull Music Academy, bringing together his skills and passion in audio, branded content and journalism. As the co-head of Red Bull Radio’s audio department, Ryan worked with talent from around the world, including Questlove, Earl Sweatshirt, Kindness, Zack Fox, EMA, and Dam-Funk, to develop shows ranging from music mix shows to narrative programs.


In addition to working with Red Bull, Ryan has worked with top brands such as Nike, Audible, Condé Nast, East Village Radio, Rolling Stone, and Mass Appeal.


With his passion for music, Ryan has released LPs on several record labels, performed at the Whitney Museum & NY Fashion Week, and has been featured in publications and podcasts such as the Village Voice and City FM. Taking this passion and putting it into action, Ryan ran a therapeutic music program for a Non-Profit organization servicing at-risk teenagers undergoing intensive rehabilitation for emotional trauma, at a live-in treatment facility in Queens, NY.


Bringing together his love of music, storytelling and giving back to those less fortunate, Ryan exemplifies the goals of DCP Entertainment within his work & personal life.




Make It Plain

Brittany Temple wanted to work in radio since she was a kid -- fascinated with what potentially went on behind the scenes. She would begin her media career interning in television as a student at Ramapo College of New Jersey, but she still held fast to an interest in radio. While at Ramapo, Brittany took a course on ‘Writing for News Radio’, with Steve Baltin -- a former CBS News producer, who mentored her and helped her forge a relationship with the bosses at WCBS-880AM, leading to her first job in radio.


While at CBS Radio, Brittany fine-tuned her skills working with an incredibly talented slate of reporters and anchors, under the guidance of News Director Tim Scheld. This led to her transition to SiriusXM Radio, where she was a Producer for “Make It Plain with Mark Thompson”, including as the show transitioned to becoming one of the top morning shows on the platform. Her segment, “Women’s Wednesday”, which she produced and hosted, brought a needed focus to women’s issues and important news for women across the globe.


Brittany is currently earning her master’s degree in English from Seton Hall University, where she has a concentration in fiction & non-fiction writing, and is expected to graduate with honors.


With a love of radio, a background in video & English, a passion for educating women and providing critical knowledge for all people, Brittany exemplifies the ideals of DCP Entertainment.



Woke AF

Andrew Marshello has always had a love of radio and audio entertainment since he was a child. He would listen to music stations, talk programs and radio theater; like the “Superman” radio shows. Andrew got his start at Seton Hall University’s ‘Pirate’ radio station, WSOU. Over his four years at Seton Hall, Andrew hardly left the station and fell in love with the potential of ‘theater of the mind.’


While working for WSOU, Andrew simultaneously interned for SiriusXM Radio on the “Michelangelo Signorile Show”, exposing Andrew to how talk radio and political activism can intertwine in a positive way, giving a voice to marginalized people and communities. Eventually being hired to SiriusXM full-time, Andrew worked with hosts and brands such as Danielle Moodie Mills, Rev. Mark Thompson, Touré, Dean Obeidallah, Hoda Kotb, Karen Hunter, Nomiki Konst, Entertainment Weekly & NYU Langone Medical Center.


Andrew is a Gracie Award winner whose love of music, talk programming and radio theater, coupled with a passion for helping marginalized communities, makes him a key part of DCP Entertainment.

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Heather Johnson began her career in media while attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. While there, she interned with an iHeart Media produced morning show, earned a spot with Cronkite News as newscast technical director, and discovered a love for producing long-form stories. 


After graduating with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and History, Heather set her sights on New York. There, she began her career in

acting and sketch comedy, pursuing her passion for storytelling.


During her free time, you can find Heather outdoors soaking in nature, or simply people watching. She has an eclectic taste for the tv, film, music, and podcasts she engages in. Always staying curious about the people and places around her, led her back to the production world and to DCP Entertainment, where she's excited about the content produced and their mission to help the community.

Executive Assistant
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Associate Producer

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Quinton began his career in radio/audio production as an intern for SiriusXM Radio. While earning his degree from Rutgers University, he created Good*Fella Media, an audio and visual media company with a focus on up-and-coming Hip Hop artists and other media services for those artists. During that time he interviewed and covered artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Killer Mike to name a few.After finishing college, Quinton was hired as a producer at SiriusXM working on Jamie Foxx's “The Foxxhole”. Throughout his tenure at SiriusXM, Quinton also produced programming for “Carlin’s Corner”, “Urban View”, and “Que Funny”, SiriusXM’s only bilingual Latino comedy channel. Quinton also worked on SiriusXM's pop-up channels, including “Richard Pryor Radio” and “Comic Con Radio”.

Quinton’s work with SiriusXM also lead to him spearheading the launch of Kevin Hart's "LOL Radio" channel. Quinton has worked on multiple specials featuring people like Jamie Foxx, Jay Leno, Emma Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Lil Rel Howery and many others.Quinton truly loves producing and bringing stories to life through audio and visual storytelling.

Quinton Hill producer



Mike is a self-motivated, creative, photojournalist, producer and editor with more than a decade of experience in the video production industry as well as the fast-paced world of 24-hour news. He is a skilled non-linear editor on various platforms, and has White House, Capitol Hill, and State Department experience with extensive knowledge of all things D.C. news and production.


Mike is organized and team-motived with a sharp eye for details to produce a quality product—even under deadline pressure. He has worked with clients such as CBS, FOX News, EWTN and more….

Born and raised in Chicago, Mike now resides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughters.

Senior Video Director