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John Crawford III

John Crawford III was killed by police in Beavercreek, OH on August 5, 2014. At the age of 22, he was shot by police while shopping in Walmart and talking on his cell phone to the mother of his children. John's family and attorney detail the moments surrounding his death, including a false 911 call and 2 additional deaths possibly caused by police when they killed Crawford.

John Crawford Jr.

"The thing with the video, Mike DeWine didn't want the video released because, of course, he's saying it would taint the jurors in the grand jury proceedings. But that wasn't the real reason. And his second answer was more accurate. He said, if he released that video, all hell was going to break. It would be like releasing fireworks. That was the accurate answer right there."

Tressa Sherrod

John Crawford Jr (father and  mother ) Tressa Sherrod and father John Crawford

Brandon Sherrod

"I'm not surprised that John's case, story, or any of that is overlooked because he won't be the first nor the last. Especially when John's death happened right on top of the Mike Brown situation, which already took over the news as it is. I could say, if Mike Brown wouldn't have gotten killed and John did, there would have been a lot more focus on that. So it's definitely picky choosy, but how many stories we don't know about? How many other parents lost their kids? We don't know about, unless we in that little city, town, area, So its definitely doesn't surprise me."
The family of John Crawford with Jr, Brandon

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