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Toure is known for exploring Black identity 




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Toure also co-hosts democracy-ish, a weekly rundown of the 2020 presidential election and the ineptitude of the current administration from a Black progressive point of view. 


Toure’s newest podcast, Who Was Prince?, is a documentary series offering the ultimate look at the greatest and most mysterious musician of the modern era. Having written the most comprehensive life story on Prince in his book I Would Die 4 U, Toure writes, produces and narrates this new podcast that goes beyond the book and gives a true look into who the iconic entertainer was on and off stage.


Toure is known for exploring Black identity and the concept of post-blackness—the idea that a person can be rooted in but not restricted by their race, or by prescribed definitions of race. 


He has written five books, including the critically acclaimed Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? What It Means To Be Black Now, which the New York Times described as “one of the most acutely observed accounts of what it is like to be young, Black, and middle-class in contemporary America.” 

Toure has made his mark in television, too. He served as CNN’s first pop culture correspondent and covered News and Public affairs programming for BET. From 2012 to 2015 he co-hosted The Cycle on MSNBC alongside Ari Melber, Krystal Ball, and Abby Huntsman and even had his own reality show, I'll Try Anything Once, where he took a shot at everything from skydiving-while-black to rodeo clowning.

Toure is an accomplished writer, cultural critic, podcaster, and TV host. In Toure Show, he highlights the success stories of Black actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, activists, as well as other people of color and allies through in-depth interviews. Listeners walk away with practical advice they can use in their own pursuits of success. 
Don’t miss new episodes of Toure Show every Wednesday. New episodes of democracy-ish are posted every Thursday. And find out Who Was Prince?
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