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Uncovering the Lies: LAPD's Involvement in the Biggie Smalls Case

The Dossier Podcast

Suge Knight in the courtroom
Suge Knight

Have you heard these myths about the LAPD's investigation into Biggie Smalls' murder? Myth #1: The LAPD had no involvement in a cover-up. Myth #2: The case was thoroughly investigated with no evidence of corruption. Myth #3: The LAPD cooperated fully with the FBI to solve the case. Stay tuned as we uncover the truth behind these myths and shed light on the shocking corruption and cover-up surrounding Biggie Smalls' case.

As Don Sikorski, the host of The Dossier podcast, delved deeper into the story, he couldn't ignore the overwhelming evidence of corruption and the shocking lengths the police went to hide the truth. The more he uncovered, the more he realized that the LAPD's investigation was riddled with inconsistencies and hidden information.


Those rogue cops had something to do with the murder of Biggie Smalls. - Don Sikorski


Suge Knight financed a retaliation for the people killing Tupac. And his intention, he had major beef (with) Puffy. - Don Sikorski


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the shocking connections between Biggie Smalls' murder investigation and the LAPD, revealing a web of corruption and cover-ups.

  • Explore the intriguing links between LAPD officer David Mack and Death Row Records, raising questions about his possible involvement in Biggie's murder.

  • Delve into the involvement of Blood Street Gang in Biggie Smalls' case, shedding light on the tangled web of criminal affiliations surrounding the investigation.

  • Expose the shocking account of LAPD officer Kenneth Knox, who witnessed David Mack and Rafael Perez at Can Am Studios, suggesting a possible conspiracy.

  • Unearth the city's knowledge of Suge Knight's confession and the subsequent concealment of crucial evidence, raising doubts about the credibility of the investigation.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the LAPD's alleged cover-up and corruption in the Biggie Smalls case, shedding light on the potential miscarriage of justice that occurred.

  • Uncover the web of lies and deception surrounding the LAPD's investigation into Biggie Smalls' murder, leaving you questioning the integrity of the authorities involved.

  • Learn about the shocking revelation of LAPD officer David Mack's connections to Death Row Records and how this could have influenced the case.

David Mack, a former LAPD officer, is a key player in this murder mystery. His connections to Death Row Records and the Bloods Street Gang as well as inconsistencies in his statements all add to his growing suspicious profile. Recognizing his role is vital in understanding the dynamics behind the Biggie murder case.

Evidence suggests the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) played a significant role in concealing crucial information regarding Biggie Smalls' murder. This involved manipulating evidence, silencing potential whistleblowers, and creating a false narrative that distorts the truth. Revealing their involvement resets the narrative and underlines the need for an objective re-investigation of the case.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:07 - Phil Carson’s (FBI) Regrets

00:02:25 - Hidden Evidence

00:06:49 - Mack's Untouchability

00:09:44 - Police Radios and Communication

00:10:22 - Benny Keys Interview

00:18:25 - The City of LA's Knowledge of David Mack's Perjury

00:20:12 - LAPD's Cover-up and Steve Katz's Involvement

00:21:41 - FBI's Involvement and Greg Kading's Lies

00:22:12 - Edward Henry's Revelation and LAPD's Inaction



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