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Uncovering LAPD Corruption in the Biggie Murder Case: Explosive Internal Affairs Reports Revealed

The Dossier Podcast

Beneath the surface of the murder of Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls

Beneath the surface of the FBI documents on the murder of Biggie lies more information that will leave you breathless. It's a revelation so shocking, so unimaginable, that it will shatter everything you thought you knew about justice. Buried within the LAPD's internal affairs report is a dark truth, implicating officers David Mack and Rafael Perez in the conspiracy and murder. The fact that the very institution responsible for upholding the law uncovered this information is mind-blowing. But what happened next? What secrets lie hidden behind this explosive revelation? Find out on The Dossier Podcast.


This might be the most explosive piece of information that has never been exploited.

- Don Sikorski


Transparency is the key. Why aren't they using these documents to reopen the case?

- Don Sikorski


In the early stages of his investigation, Don Sikorski stumbled upon a paragraph that would change everything. As he sifted through the extensive FBI documents on the murder of Biggie, he came across a shocking revelation buried within the LAPD's internal affairs report. It stated that David Mack and Rafael Perez were implicated in the conspiracy and murder of Biggie. The fact that the LAPD themselves generated this report was mind-blowing. This explosive piece of information had never been fully explored or exploited, and Don knew he had to dig deeper. With a mix of frustration and determination, he delved into the names and individuals involved, uncovering a web of corruption and cover-ups.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover hidden information about the LAPD and FBI's involvement in the Biggie Smalls investigation and understand the extent of their roles.

  • Explore the shocking conspiracy and cover-up surrounding the Biggie Smalls case, revealing the hidden truths behind the scenes.

  • Gain access to internal affairs reports and sworn depositions, shedding light on the secretive investigations conducted within the justice system.

  • Understand the extent of the excessive force and misconduct by police officers involved in the case, exposing the corruption within the system.

  • Discover the depths of corruption within the justice system and how it has impacted cases like the murder of Biggie Smalls.

Delving into the obscure corridors of the LAPD and FBI, this episode sheds light on the hidden information surrounding the murder investigation of Biggie Smalls. It unravels the intricate threads of vague requests, deceptions, and potential set-ups from the highest levels of law enforcement to influence the trajectory of the investigation. This hidden involvement, when discovered, fetches new insight into the extent of unease within the LAPD's Internal Affairs department, revealing a more complex picture of the case.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:09 - Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Request

00:01:12 - False Information and Polygraph Ruse

00:02:28 - Importance of FBI and Civil Trial Documents

00:03:51 - Internal Affairs Report Allegations Implicating Mack & Perez

00:06:11 - Rampart Task Force and LAPD Officers

00:07:30 - Naming LAPD Officers Involved in Biggie's Murder

00:17:30 - Listing the LAPD Co-Conspirators in the cover up

00:18:37 - Excessive Force and Hiding Evidence

00:19:25 - Motivation to Keep Secrets

00:20:35 - Missing Photos

00:21:00 - Defining Information

00:21:41 - Reflection on Corruption



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