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The Longest Breakup: When Will Trump Finally Be Out of Our Lives?

This week, America is in limbo and the hosts of democracy-ish are just as pissed off as they’ve ever been.

  • Biden’s election victory is crystal-clear, but Trump and his enablers continue to sow doubt in the media, file lawsuits and obstruct the transition.

  • Meanwhile, as winter (and the holiday season) approaches, the COVID crisis worsens.

  • Lame-duck Trump isn’t doing much these days, besides threatening a war with Iran. Is he deliberately creating new challenges for Biden?

Two weeks on from Election Day, the incoming Biden administration should be getting intelligence briefings, hiring staff and coordinating with hundreds of federal agencies for a seamless, peaceful transition of power. And the rest of us should be looking forward to a long Thanksgiving weekend and traveling to gather with family and friends.

Unfortunately, it’s 2020 in Trump’s America, and that’s not happening. The COVID-19 virus continues to spread at an alarming rate in nearly every state. U.S. deaths surpassed 250,000 –– a grim milestone barely acknowledged by the current government.

“I would rather skip in-person Thanksgiving than go to a virtual funeral,” Toure says.

At the same time, the president refuses to concede or cooperate with Biden and his team. No surprise there, but we weren’t expecting the leader of the General Services Administration to bend to his will.

But winter is coming and we need leadership more than ever.

“I'm angry with so many people this week,” says Toure. “We have a president talking about conspiracy theories and bullshit to the very end.”

Even so, Biden’s victory just becomes more certain. Georgia just certified its recount and judges across the country are rejecting Trump’s desperate lawsuits.

But “instead of celebrating our win as a nation, we have to deal with a petulant fucking child whose tantrum is going to cost American lives,” Danielle says.

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COVID, COVID everywhere

Danielle recently discussed the pandemic with Dr. Jonathan Metzl on her show “Woke AF” where he explained that COVID is more of a threat in cold weather. The virus itself is better able to survive outside a body and linger in the air.

And of course, in the late fall and winter, we’re more likely to be indoors.

Now, “because America did a shit job –– actually, no job at all –– managing the coronavirus, now the air literally is filled with it,” says Danielle.

That's why scientists are recommending new (or renewed) restrictions on indoor dining and group gatherings.

If everybody wore masks and got COVID tests, “maybe we would be in a different situation for the holidays,” she adds. “But that’s not the case and the numbers are increasingly worse every single day.”

Now, the Trump administration claims it will distribute the vaccine within a few weeks. But that's not what Moderna, Pfizer or any of the other vax manufacturers have said.

“And I'm telling you, that vaccine coming out of the Trump administration with their hands on it, no,” Danielle says. “Hard no.”

Weapons of maskless destruction

“It's a real shame the right has politicized this the way it has,” says Toure. “Because now we need more extreme measures of protecting ourselves and each other.”

Not wearing masks somehow became “about freedom and masculinity, how tough and strong you are, owning the libs and giving a middle finger to the left,” he adds. “It's all going to just make all this much harder for everyone.”

He points to the New York state congressman from Staten Island bragging on Twitter about his plans for a big old-fashioned family Thanksgiving in defiance of Gov. Cuomo’s restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people.

It wasn’t that long ago, Toure notes, that a “super-spreader wedding in Maine” led to scores of COVID infections and the deaths of seven people who didn’t even attend the cursed nuptials. Even if you think you’re young, strong and blessed with a robust immune system, you’re “making choices that can affect people