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Smear Campaign: Some Serious Sh*t Happened at the Capitol Riot

On this episode of democracy-ish, Danielle and Toure are “just gobsmacked” after watching the congressional hearings on the Capitol insurrection, and plenty pissed about just how willfully unprepared law enforcement was that day.

  • Members of Capitol Police, Metro Police and Capitol security testified at Senate hearings this week as part of a Congressional investigation of the January 6 attack.

  • A former Capitol Police chief claims a FBI report warning that extremist groups were "preparing for war" never made it up the chain to him. Other witnesses claim they could never have foreseen the violence that ensued that day. Is that because the rioters were white?

  • Elsewhere in the epic unpreparedness department, the state of Texas (and one of its senators) failed its people by neglecting to plan for harsh winter weather. What does this tell us about the GOP’s commitment to the American people?

The investigation into 1/6 unearths more uncomfortable truths about America, like the fact that “we live in a world where people go to the Capitol and smear feces on the wall,” says Toure.

“I assume it was their own … and they probably were not rolling with hand sanitizer,” he adds. “So they wiped it… somewhere, and went through the 1/6 seditious treasonous insanity with shit on their hands.”

The whole thing just reeks.

“Putting aside the intellectual delusion of worshiping Donald Trump, believing in the Big Lie and going to the Capitol full of entitlement and victimhood to attack American government, you're the sort of person who smears shit on the wall in protest,” Danielle says. “What is wrong with you?”

She doesn’t usually like to use dehumanizing language like she’s about to do –– because of the way it's consistently used against Black people. But the seditious shit-smearers are an exception.

“These thugs are fucking animals. They make monkeys and apes in zoos look civilized,” she says. “But these are the same motherfuckers who tell us, as Black people, that we are animals; that we have no couth, no character, no morals, no values.”

But that’s what they are.

Episode Highlights –– MAGA Poop on the Walls

Surprise! It’s a violent white riot

As Danielle watched former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund claim that law enforcement just didn't expect the level of violence that unfolded, she was thinking: you can't fucking plan for shit you refuse to look at.

“White people are violent,” she says. “They have a history of violence in this country. And they said so out loud on major social media platforms” –- but the authorities “just chose to look the other way.”

Sund told senators that the Capitol Police intelligence unit received an FBI report the evening before the insurrection warning that extremist groups were coming and "preparing for war." But he claims that report never made it up the chain to him.

“How does that not make it up the chain?” Toure asks.

Other witnesses said the Pentagon was reluctant to deploy the National Guard.

It seems that law enforcement was concerned about the optics of an aggressive offense after its disastrous response to the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer

“But it's weird,” he notes –– “the fear of being too harsh toward these white people.”

They came prepared for war

Toure heard one witness in the hearings say: They had guns, and I didn't want to escalate the situation, so I didn't take out my gun.

“When the fuck have you ever heard a cop say they didn't want to escalate the situation?” he asks.

“I didn't even know that they knew how to de-escalate,” Danielle responds.

She was unnerved by the witnesses’ consistent refrain: We didn't know it would get this bad.

But Danielle knew that was bullshit. The cops, many of whom bravely fought to protect our elected officials, all live in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia corridor. They must have noticed that the orange-crush cult was converging on the Capitol days before the attack.

And, as Toure points out, police were well aware of an uptick in passengers on flights and trains, as well as an increase in hotel reservations. Trump’s team also knew, from folks on the ground, that the influx of people into D.C. was “extremely Trumpy.”

Those Trumpists weren’t shy