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Nadya Okamoto? Activist. Podcaster. Firebrand

Nadya Okamoto

Gen Z is on a mission to change the world. The “centennial generation”—those born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s—is the most racially and ethnically diverse group in our nation’s history.

These digital natives are politically progressive, outspoken against intolerance and police brutality, and bent on fixing the messed-up world they’ve inherited.

Gen Z is shaping up to be one of the most politically active generations in a century. And few people embody the positive ideals of Gen Z more than Nadya Okamoto—the host of our latest podcast, Tigress.

Check out DCP’s newest offering: Tigress, a podcast hosted by menstrual equity and mental health activist Nadya Okamoto.

What She’s Done

The 23-year-old Harvard student, author, and activist has made it her mission to break down stigma and shame around menstruation.

In early 2020, she co-founded August, a lifestyle brand that aims to “reimagine and redefine the period experience to be powerful and dignified.”

August’s goal is to engage people in conversations about things like how to properly use menstrual cups, or what it’s like to be a transgender man having a period. The company sells a line of customizable period products and is committed to sustainability, making an impact, and creating an inclusive community.

Co-founding August wasn’t Okamoto’s first foray into menstrual equity work.

Her activism started in high school at age 16 when she founded PERIOD (, an organization working to end period poverty and stigma.

PERIOD distributes free menstrual products to those in need and empowers local activists to end period poverty in their communities.

Under Okamoto’s leadership, the organization registered more than 800 campus chapters across the United States and in 50 countries around the world.

Where She’s Going

Okamoto is currently a board member of JUV Consulting, a Generation Z marketing agency based in NYC. She’s been recognized on the lists of Forbes 30 under 30, Bloomberg 50 “Ones to Watch” and People Magazine’s Women Changing the World.

Her newest endeavor is podcasting, where she’s making authentic connections with her listeners around topics like what it means to be a #girlboss, and her own mental health struggles.

Listen to theTigress podcast

Nadya is a fearless champion for menstrual equity and mental health. In her new podcast she explores where she’s been, where she’s going, the lessons she’s learned, and how she’s channeling her inner tigress. Listen now.


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