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Tigress is the unedited and rather unfiltered reflection on where host Nadya Okamoto, finds herself right now -- a work in progress, channeling her inner tigress. 

With a heavy appeal to a GenZ audience, this show is like a diary into the life of Nadya, as she chronicles her entrepreneurial, philanthropic and mental health journeys.

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Fearlessly Honest and Relatable! MUST LISTEN!

What I love about this podcast is that it feels like we’re listening to our friend talk. There’s nothing dramatic about mental health and its a conversation that Nadya so beautifully is able to express and confide to her listeners. Nadya is an all round woman and her journey is impressive. So hearing her talk about real issues that she faces, brings a great deal of humanity and perspective. A MUST LISTEN for anyone instated in expanding their emotional spectrum!

Tigress is My Favorite

I love this podcast so much! The most genuine words. Really helps me feel seen and heard, while also hearing someone else!

Insightful and So Good!!

This podcast is my favorite ! I have found everything Nadya talks about so helpful and relatable. Thank you!

Candid and True

This podcast is like sitting down with a friend after a long day, nestled in the vulnerable hours of the evening. Nadya doesn’t claim to have answers for anyone else, a humbleness that I appreciate deeply. Instead, she talks about where life takes her, and what she knows from what she has experienced. There’s nuance, there’s consideration, and there’s comfort. In a phrase, Tigress is down to earth. Thanks for making it. I’m excited to hear more.


Nadya Okamoto
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