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Little Dumpster Fires Everywhere: Right-Wing Gaslighting, Lies and Videotape

Little Dumpster
Little Dumpster

This episode of democracy-ish marks Danielle and Toure’s triumphant return after “vacationing” last week and leaving the show vulnerable to a MAGA takeover by a couple of “maniacs” who call themselves Josh and Brittany, says Toure. “We’ll see if they can ever return.”

  • The GOP continues to outdo itself. The very congressional members who were victims of the Capitol insurrection are fighting to prevent an investigation. WTF?

  • New York Attorney General Tish James has Trump in her crosshairs. Her civil investigation is apparently now criminal. Will we see the ex-president in handcuffs?

  • The conflict between Israel and Palestine is nothing new, but it’s gotten much worse over the last few weeks. America (and Americans) are staunch allies of Israel, but can we criticize its government’s actions –– without being anti-semitic?

Toure can understand why right-wingers like Josh and Brittany might be running scared from the podcast mic. It looks like Donald Trump is one step away from being indicted, “wearing the bracelets and the orange jumpsuit,” he says.

“Keep singing that song, Toure!” Danielle replies.