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Like Wife Swap, But Better. MAGAts Take Over democracy-ish

Like Wife Swap
Like Wife Swap

[Ed. note: This episode, and this article, are works of satire. “Josh” and “Brittany” are the bizarro MAGA counterparts of Toure and Danielle Moodie.]

  • On this very special episode of democracy-ish, our hosts are on vacation and the show has been taken over by Josh and Brittany.

  • If you don’t know them, you should. They’re brave patriots in an America that cruelly silences those of us who want to Make America Great Again.

  • “Conservative voices are being canceled all over the place,” says Josh. “Not on this show. I'm glad Toure and Danielle stepped aside. We cancelled them this week. We're telling the truth for once.”


It’s not a moment too soon. If you’ve been watching the lamestream news networks or reading the New York Times, you may not know this, but our country is under attack. Between the socialists and the coastal elites and