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History in the Making: Joe and Kamala Are Ready to Lead, but Will Trump F*cking Leave?

On this very special episode of democracy-ish, it’s Danielle’s birthday and all's (almost) right with the world.

  • Since we last left our intrepid hosts, the majority of votes have been counted and Joe Biden is the President-Elect of the United States of America. Cue the confetti, champagne and socially distanced dancing in the street.

  • Although Biden and his historic VP Kamala Harris won by a huge margin, Donald Trump refuses to concede –– and his Republican enablers won’t admit the race is over either.

  • There’s a whole lot to celebrate, but as always, there’s fuckery afoot. And yet, as progressives, we can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Since she learned Trump’s dumpster fire will be extinguished, and its ashes thrown (with both small-d and capital-D) Democratic force into the dustbin of history, “I feel so refreshed now that Satan is banished from the White House,” Danielle says. “Best gift ever.”

Toure thinks it’s funny she says that, considering her legendary pessimism and our current lack of a formal transfer of power between El Cheeto and the Biden-Harris administration.

“No, that motherfucker's leaving,” she says. “He is, even if I have to go pack that bitch myself.”

In the wake of Trump’s historic rebuke and an equally historic win for the President- and Vice-President-Elect, bottles are still poppin’ across our great nation.

But somehow, the race is an ongoing drama –– ”because, unsurprisingly, Donald Trump who showed us in 2016 he was the worst winner imaginable and shows us now he’s the worst loser imaginable,” says Toure.

Although Biden won by at least 5 million more votes, shattering Obama's voter turnout record and flipping several key swing states, Trump has yet to concede. But that’s just a formality. What’s alarming is his refusal to sign the paperwork that gives Biden and his team what they need to show up prepared in January.

There’s a lot to celebrate –– and plenty to worry about too, because 2020. Let’s do this thing.

Episode Highlights –– Fuck Your Feelings

The fraud squad

“We knew Donald Trump wasn’t going to concede because narcissists don't do that,” says Danielle.

But she is somewhat surprised by cable news insistence on continuing to interview Trump’s “deplorable” base.

Toure is troubled by the media’s ongoing coverage of the presidential race as if it’s not over, asking “leading and inappropriate questions” that suggest the possibility that it was somehow “stolen.” But opinions aren’t facts, he says.

“It is certifiably, demonstrably provable: There was no voter fraud.”

The Republicans’ insistence that there was is “part of their multi-pronged effort to steal the election and rob it of integrity,” he adds. “These are the people who cut the number of polling places, fucked with the Postal Service and put up fake ballot boxes.”

“And burned some of them,” Danielle notes.

Plus, Trump has sown doubt in the electoral process for years now. He told us voting by mail couldn’t be trusted. But it all fits with “the modern, and historic, GOP's thesis that a deep sense of grievance will motivate their people and keep the tribe tight,” Toure says.

“This is a group of people still mad about the Civil War, Roe v. Wade, and Judge Bork. This is just the newest battle they can be angry about for years to come.”

When we go high, they go really low

Danielle thinks we pay way too much attention to Republicans' grievances, especially when they lose.

“When we lose, they pretty much put up a middle finger and say go fuck yourself.”

Case in point: Megyn Kelly recently tweeted that Democrats will have to reconcile with the 70 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

“Because Trump reconciled with the 68 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton?” she asks. “Get the fuck out of here. We don't have to apologize for winning. You should apologize for siding with a fascist and showing your white-supremacist ass.”

It’s a low moment for the GOP “in a valley of low moments,” Toure says.