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Even Now, Republicans Just Can’t Quit Trump

On this episode of democracy-ish, Danielle and Toure return to form (read: pissed off) and even explore their latent violent tendencies.

  • As more details emerge about the January 6 Capitol attack, the U.S. Senate prepares for a second impeachment trial for disgraced Florida resident Donald J. Trump.

  • Although they were victims of the attack, a majority of GOP senators believe the trial is unconstitutional. Why are they still defending the ex-president who cost them their governing majority?

  • Science is back at the White House, and Trump COVID coordinator Dr. Birx embarked on an apology tour. Can we still trust her?

Even though Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection against the American government by egging on a mob that aimed to murder our elected officials, some of those very (Republican) officials don't think his actions reach the threshold for impeachment.

Though the majority of the upper chamber voted to move forward with Trump’s second trial,

45 GOP senators voted in support of a motion declaring Trump’s second impeachment trial unconstitutional because he’s no longer president.

“Even now, they remain afraid of him,” Toure says, “and the violent tendencies of his supporters. So right now it’s likely he will not be convicted by the Senate, which means he will retain the ability to run for president again.”

Meanwhile, the bescarfed Dr. Birx is embarking on an apology tour, Danielle is binging “Bridgerton” and (thankfully) meditating to quell the heretofore untapped violent thoughts she has about Trump stans and enablers.

Yeah, we’re going there.

Episode Highlights –– Oh the Whiteness

Rewinding the 1/6 attack

The evidence that Trump incited the Capitol insurrectionists is “overwhelming,” says Toure. “More than 130 people have been arrested, and when the FBI asked them why they did this, they answered: because my president told me to.”

“They wanted to hang Mike Pence,” Danielle adds. “A man was picked up who wanted to assassinate AOC and the Speaker of the House.”

She keeps thinking that if the mob wasn’t thwarted, Republicans would tweet out what they do after every mass casualty: thoughts and prayers.

“I can't even think about what would have happened if they got their hands on an elected official,” Toure responds.

But he’s been obsessively watching footage from the riot.

“It's just a miracle that more people weren't murdered,” he says, noting the “gruesome” attack on a Capitol Police officer by a mob who beat him to death with fire extinguishers.

And yet, as he watched the new PBS “Frontline” documentary about Trump’s violent provocations –– ranging from his candidacy in 2015 to the events of January 6 –– he couldn’t help but fixate on a clip of radicalized Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt being shot by police as she attempted to vault through a window onto the House floor.

“I rewound it over and over and over,” he says.

‘This wasn’t Die Hard

“I'm only confessing this to you, because it’s just you and me talking,” Toure jokes. “I took such joy in seeing that happen. There was a clear line. The officers were clearly overwhelmed. They were letting a lot of shit go … But there was clearly an officer, I'm pretty sure he was Black, who was like: Our mission is to protect the elected officials. If you cross this line, I’m pulling the trigger.

His gun was in plain sight, and Babbit had been warned. But she didn’t stop.

“Maybe it makes me a bad person,” says Toure.

Danielle reserves judgment on that –– but she does know “this wasn't like the movie ‘Die Hard’ come to life. That was an actual person getting shot and killed. So I don't necessarily take solace in it, or want to watch that over and over again.”

‘Bridgerton’ over troubled water

But she does think Toure wasn’t experiencing joy –– it was actually catharsis.

“Maybe what you felt was more about the fact that in that moment, [Babbitt] was being held accountable for the violence she was perpetuating. We actually never see that happen in real life to white people. So, while I'm not gonna watch that on replay like “Bridgerton” on Netflix, I think it's important that people are held accountable. I'll let our listeners decide whether or not you're a bad person.”