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Unveiling the Hidden Truth: Wallace Family's Explosive Evidence Against the City of LA

The Dossier Podcast

We're introduced to a key piece of evidence - the Mack Perez Internal Affairs file. This document is presented as an essential link to uncovering the truth about the murder, pointing to Perez's possible involvement. Believed to contain crucial information on the crime, it was allegedly withheld by the LAPD from both the court and Biggie's family and thus stands as a major highlight in the ongoing investigation.

This episode of The Dossier podcast delves into the alleged concealment of evidence by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the murder case of renowned rapper Biggie Smalls. Highly critical of the department's actions, host Don Sikorski presents a nuanced narrative that points to significant corruption within the LAPD. The ultimate goal is to drive justice for the slain rapper through the public disclosure of proof and shaming of the supposed cover-up.

I have files in my possession that tell the story, in official LAPD and FBI communications. We have the evidence, and it's time for justice. - Don Sikorski

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the shocking details of the LAPD cover-up surrounding the murder of Biggie Smalls and the implications it has on the case.

  • Uncover the secrets hidden within the Mack Perez Internal Affairs file that shed light on the involvement of key individuals in the Biggie Smalls murder case.

  • Explore the controversial role of David Mack and Suge Knight in the investigation, and how it may have influenced the outcome of the case.

  • Examine the compelling evidence that challenges the official narrative of the Biggie Smalls murder, raising crucial questions about what really happened that fateful night.

  • Learn about the hidden location of case files that could potentially hold crucial information and provide a deeper understanding of the Biggie Smalls murder case.

Another revelation is the suggested involvement of David Mack, an ex-LAPD officer, and Suge Knight, a notable music figure, in the murder. Discussions circle around their potential linkage to the crime and any part they may have played. Alluding to the possibility of exclusive knowledge or direct involvement, this continues the narrative of conspiracy and intrigue surrounding the decades-old case.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:02:28 - Biggie Smalls Celebration 00:03:12 - Frustration with LAPD 00:05:50 - Evidence of LAPD Cover-Up 00:09:10 - Private Investigator's Testimony 00:18:33 - Shocking Revelation about Biggie's Murder 00:19:26 - Perez's Involvement and Surveillance of Biggie 00:20:53 - Hidden IA File and Detective Steve Katz 00:22:45 - City of LA's Deception and Concealed Information



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