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Inside the Rabbit Hole: LAPD Officers, Gangs, and the Dark Truths About Tupac and Biggie's Murders

The Dossier Podcast

Biggie with Tupac
Biggie and Tupac

Unraveling the shocking truth behind the Tupac and Biggie murders, relentless host Don Sikorski exposes the corrupt underbelly of law enforcement, determined to expose the ironclad evidence and bring justice to the victims amidst a web of conspiracy and cover-ups.

As Don Sikorski (host of The Dossier podcast) digs deeper into the web of secrets and conspiracy, he stumbles upon a document so powerful, it could single-handedly change history. This unexpected twist in the story will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting for the next chapter to unfold. Will Don's pursuit of truth lead to justice or will it only uncover more darkness? Stay tuned to unravel the untold secrets that could rewrite the legacy of two iconic musicians.


The story gets more interesting and more unbelievable as we dive into the evidence. The Holy Grail document of the Biggie murder reveals shocking secrets that could change everything.

- Don Sikorski


The City of LA withheld crucial evidence for over 15 months, trying to cover up any information that could implicate David Mack. But the truth will always come to light, and justice must prevail.

- Don Sikorski


In this episode:

  • The alleged involvement of officers in the Tupac and Biggie murders: Dive into the mysterious murders of two iconic rap artists and uncover the shocking claims and evidence pointing towards the involvement of law enforcement officers in these high-profile cases.

  • Revealing alleged gangs within the Sheriff's Department: Uncover the alleged existence of secretive gangs within the Sheriff's Department, shedding light on the dangerous alliances and unlawful activities that have plagued the law enforcement community.

  • Analyzing the pattern of corruption in law enforcement: Examine the disturbing pattern of corruption within law enforcement, connecting the dots to reveal a systemic issue that extends far beyond isolated incidents, and discover the implications for the criminal justice system as a whole.

  • Uncovering the LAPD mishandling of protests: Gain insight into the controversial actions and questionable tactics used by the Los Angeles Police Department during protests, revealing the extent of their mishandling.

Revealing the extent of their mishandling
LAPD mishandling

Corruption within law enforcement is a deep-seated problem that we explore in this episode. It revels in the pattern and practice of corruption within the LAPD, willfully tying it to the names of Eric Fairmon and Gerald Chaleff. This episode also dives into the alarming accusations of clandestine gangs within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a matter that has urged the California Attorney General to launch a civil rights probe.

The episode also delves into the intriguing possibility of LAPD officers being involved in the high-profile murders of rap artists Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace). Through an interview with Suge Knight from jail, the podcast highlights accusations against LAPD Officer Raphael Perez of being involved in the shootings. While some claims may seem far-fetched, the persistent quest for uncovering the truth remains.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:07 - Introduction

00:01:22 - Talent in Compton

00:02:55 - LAPD Withheld Evidence

00:07:15 - Intimidation Tactics

00:09:19 - Suge Knight's Statement

00:18:16 - The Search for Gerald Chaleff

00:18:41 - LAPD Mishandling of Protests

00:19:58 - Pattern and Practice of LAPD Corruption

00:20:20 - LA Sheriff's Gangs

00:21:22 - Abuse of Power

00:23:54 - Suge Knight's Allegations From Jail

00:24:20 - Rafael Perez's Involvement in Biggie & Tupac Murders



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