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Deep in the Heartbreak of Texas: Why Its Virtual Ban on Abortion Matters to All of Us

This week of democracy-ish, Danielle and Toure discuss the new Texas abortion law and the state of reproductive rights in America.

  • Late on the night of Wednesday, September 1, the Supreme Court declined to block Texas Senate Bill 8, a new law that essentially bans abortion statewide. It sends an alarming signal: If given the chance, the majority conservative Court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

  • The law, which was drafted to be uniquely difficult to challenge in court, sets a dangerous precedent and all but enables other states to follow suit with their own restrictions on abortion.

  • This is a terrifying prospect for progressives who see reproductive rights as fundamental to our liberty. And it has reverberating effects for marginalized communities because the right to choose is a matter of racial and economic justice.

On this episode, Toure and Danielle are regretting all the times they pondered, tongue-in-cheek, whether we’ll have a country next week. Now, it seems like one of the constitutional rights we hold dear –– women’s bodily autonomy –– hangs in the balance.

“Do we still have America in parts of America?” Toure asks. “In Texas, we have perhaps the end of America.”