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Who Needs Tiger King with a Fat Cat in the White House?

This week, democracy-ish is live on IG and in a mood. What else is new?

  • Bernie Sanders officially suspends his campaign … along with our dreams of universal healthcare, free college and Larry David on SNL every week.

  • Will Joe Biden take up progressive policies or pander to Trumpy Midwestern suburbanites?

  • The maxim “white people catch a cold, Black people get the flu” is taking on a disturbing new meaning as the coronavirus hits communities of color hardest.

Since we last left our intrepid hosts, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued its spread, Bernie bowed out of the Democratic primary race and Trump’s insane daily briefing is driving them to drink.

Plus, Touré and Danielle haven’t seen each other IRL in ages.

“I like yelling at you in person,” says Danielle.

“I know. It's more fun that way,” Touré replies.

But there’s no end to the quarantine in sight, so they’ll just have to yell at Donald Trump. Some things never change.

Episode Highlights –– Corona Is a Black Nightmare

Goodbye Bernie (and Medicare for all)

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race. Although it wasn’t a surprise, Touré is mourning what might have been.

“I feel like it's the death of a certain dream,” he says. “The dream of Medicare for all, free college, of an economic revolution that would make a difference for millions of working-class and poor people.”

The dream died not because we don’t need or want those things, but because Democratic voters are “understandably paralyzed by fear,” and crave safety, Touré says.

And while Joe Biden may not actually be the safest choice, his Obama-burnished record seems safer than Bernie’s promise of revolution.

But when Touré “got the taste of a true progressive –– somebody who was offering more than the traditional status quo … I was hoping this would be a moment when we could go for real change,” he says.

“But now I'm being told that I have to vote for Joe because Trump is horrible –– rather than, Joe has to win my vote. There's already an expectation that he's going to move to the center, if not the center-right, and I have to go along with it.”

Will Biden pivot to the center in Bernie’s absence?

Fans of democracy-ish know that Danielle isn’t exactly sad to see Bernie go. But she’s willing to give Uncle Joe the benefit of the doubt.

“I think Biden and his camp are actually well aware that he cannot go center-right. That’s definitely a fucking no-go. He'll probably go to the center, which is where he’s always been, but center-right? No.”

Touré isn’t so sure. He worries that Biden seems intent on winning back the same suburban rust belt voters who voted for Trump. If it works, “we [Democrats] owe them,” he says. “Then they are the center of the party. Giving them what they need, and holding on to them for the next election, becomes the center of the Democratic Party. It makes me very uncomfortable.”

Everything about our current situation is uncomfortable, says Danielle. But she’s hopeful that, over the coming months, we’ll see Biden step up to the plate.

“Biden is going to have to develop a spine,” she says. “Winning back Trump voters does not win us the election.”

That begs the question: What can win back the White House?

“Getting the 100 million people who did not vote in 2016.”

SCOTUS-approved voter suppression in America’s dairyland

Mobilizing the vast swaths of America who sat at home while Trump voters spoke for the rest of the country is a tall order. And this week, it got even more difficult when the Supreme Court ruled that Wisconsin could not extend the time it accepts absentee ballots –– even in the midst of a pandemic.