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Whitecentrism and More: This Year Is Looking Really 2020-ish

This week on democracy-ish, Toure asks: “Does it seem as if 2020 hasn't really ended? Like we got rid of Trump, but it's still 2020-ish.”

  • Two-plus weeks into the Biden administration, we’re hoping America can reclaim its place as a global leader. But it’s hard to feel hypocritical about that, considering the Senate’s reluctance to convict our former president for insurrection.

  • Post-Trump, the GOP is squabbling with itself. Most Republican House members voted against rescinding committee appointments for QAnon-crazy rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, while some tried to do the same to Liz Cheney (who committed the sin of voting to impeach).

  • Meanwhile in Norway, both Black Lives Matter and Stacey Abrams were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What could the award mean for racial justice in America and abroad?

So far, Danielle says, 2021 seems like “2020, the sequel.”

If we were living in a soap opera, 2021 would be the evil-er twin who returns to wreak havoc on their sibling, she explains. After all, the year began with an insurrection.

And we still “have to deal with fucking asshole Karens who storm the Capitol building and then have the audacity to ask a judge for permission to take a trip to fucking Mexico they prepaid for –– and get to do it, because of whiteness,” says Danielle.

If you’ve been taking a media vacay after years of Trump-rage doomscrolling, yes: That happened.

Danielle is fantasizing about expatriating to Costa Rica.

Toure thinks America is too important to the rest of the world for citizens like Danielle to “abandon it and let the QAnon Karen crazies take over.”

“Is it?” Danielle replies.

Maybe it is. Both the Black Lives Matter organization and Stacey Abrams were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

“They’ve already had a transformative impact,” says Toure, who thinks either award would be a powerful signal to America, and the world.

Danielle doesn’t disagree, but the work of these activists doesn’t need a Nobel stamp of approval.

“Does a medal make up for the last 400 years? No, it doesn't.”

Episode Highlights –– Destroy Whitecentrism

Superpower failure

It’s a recurring theme on democracy-ish: “This country would not be what it is without Black people in particular standing up and demanding America live up to its promise,” says Toure.

“Black America continually fought and rebelled and demanded we be the America it claims to be –– not just liberty and justice for straight white men, but for us, too.”

The struggle to include Black folks in the American dream “has been slow and painful,” he adds. “Of course, that tension between us and them is a large part of what Black culture flows from, what’s made America so valuable to its citizens and to the rest of the globe.”

Danielle is “on the fence” about whether we actually retain “superpower” status.

“The world has been without America for four years. Everyone seems to have managed without us,” she says.

Toure disagrees. He sees the U.S. as the “only real superpower in a world that would begin to “unravel without America as a force of cohesion.”