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Untethered from Reality, The Conservative Cause Is Killing Us

Untethered from Reality
Untethered from Reality

This week on democracy-ish, Toure and Danielle have conservatives and capitalism itself on their shit list.

  • California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall, and Black conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is in the lead to oust him.

  • Elder, like many GOP politicos and media gadflies, is a climate change denier who argues against COVID-19 mask and vaccine requirements. He also wants to abolish the minimum wage.

  • Why are such extreme views even entertained in a state like California, and what does Elder’s candidacy tell us about the Republican agenda? How can we fight back against their lies and inhumanity?

California is sunny, beautiful and mostly liberal, but it’s no utopia.

As the most populous state in our nation by far, California’s economy is bigger than the GDP of most nations, including India and the U.K. So its leadership matters. And Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall, spearheaded by conservatives who railed against his COVID-19 restrictions from the start.

When Newsom was caught having dinner at the uber-expensive French Laundry restaurant without a mask, the recall effort gathered steam. Now