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Trump’s MAGA Mob and Georgia’s Big Blue Wins

We come to you on an extraordinary day in American history,” says Toure on this week’s episode of democracy-ish, recorded as tear gas still lingered in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol after the president incited a violent, insurrectionist attack on Congress.

  • Thousands of Trump supporters rioted and looted in the U.S. Capitol after the lame-duck president urged them to protest the “fraudulent” election.

  • Meanwhile, a number of Republican lawmakers performed ceremonial “objections” to the certified Electoral College results.

  • Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock won runoff races in Georgia, turning the state blue for the first time in a generation and flipping the balance of power in the Senate.

  • Now that Mitch McConnell will lose his gavel, what can we expect from a Biden administration with a Democratic majority in Congress?

“We've been doing this show for a hot fucking minute,” says Danielle. “I have said it before: These treasonous fucking don't-tread-on-me white motherfuckers were going to try to invoke a civil war. And here we are.”

“Thousands of deranged anarchist terrorists attacked the Capitol Building,” says Toure. “It was a white riot –– with looting, while Republican elected officials tried to steal the election by challenging the Electoral College results.”

There’s no doubt the president himself provoked the hours-long insurrectionist melee. For weeks, he told his supporters to congregate in Washington on January 6 to protest the “stolen,” “fraudulent” election.

“It was a disgusting display of white privilege, of white power, of Republican stupidity,” says Toure.

Meanwhile, news outlets called Jon Ossoff the winner of his Georgia Senate runoff race with incumbent David Perdue.

The night before, the Rev. Raphael Warnock won Georgia’s other Senate seat, recently occupied by insider-trading traitor Kelly Loeffler.

And so, in the midst of unprecedented crises (sedition, pandemic, et cetera) we should get used to the idea of Senate Minority Leader McConnell.

We’d be celebrating if the seat of our government wasn’t under attack. But with Trump still in the White House, apparently all bets are off until Inauguration Day.

Let’s get into it.

Episode Highlights –– An Insane Day

Unmasked insurgents at the gates

Wednesday’s domestic-beer-hall coup was “a perfect culmination of the horrifying Trump presidency,” Toure says.

“If a movie ended with the moronic Trump deplorables on Capitol Hill, I'd be like, get the fuck out of here; that would never happen. The cops would shoot them all dead. But no, cops are taking selfies with the terrorists.”

Danielle wonders: “What more does America need to see to understand that white privilege is a thing? These people are so brazen, they’re not even wearing masks. And I'm not talking about face masks to protect against the global pandemic we are all still battling at this very fucking moment. I'm talking about masks so they don't get arrested.”

Essentially, the pro-Trump attackers were confident their whiteness was the only protection they need, she adds.

Furthermore, she believes the attack was enabled through “a coordinated effort” by the U.S. Capitol Police and the Department of Defense.

“When I worked on Capitol Hill, I stood in line for a long time to get inside that building,” she says. “It is not an easy feat to walk through. There are police everywhere. Now all of a sudden these motherfuckers were caught off guard? And feel so secure they take selfies?”

Law enforcement and (dis)order

“Apparently if you show up with 30,000 of your closest friends, you'll get right in,” says Toure of the security breach at the Capitol.

“The amount of restraint they showed, as opposed to the lack thereof shown to Black protesters threatening far less over the summer, is extraordinary.”

He points out that “the Republican pa