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The GOP is like Gorilla Glue: Dangerous, Tacky and Really Difficult to Get Out of Our Hair

This week, democracy-ish hosts Danielle and Toure come to you as the Senate convenes for Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.

  • The U.S. Senate trial to determine Trump’s culpability for the events of January 6 is unprecedented not just because it’s the first time a president has been impeached twice. It’s also because the House managers and the senators themselves were both witnesses and victims to the insurrection.

  • Trump is the symptom, not the cause, of “a decades-old pattern of gaslighting among the GOP,” says Toure, while Danielle argues they’re “America’s abusive partner.”

  • While they control two branches of government, what can Democrats do to prevent Republicans from doing more damage to our country?

While the ex-president, now safely away from Washington but still an existential threat to America, watches his fate unravel in the Senate, “the case against him is fairly airtight,” says Toure.

“The defense defending him is pathetic. And yet, as we've seen so often throughout Black history, the jury is ready to deliver the white man to justice –– or rather, injustice. It's a sham trial, y'all.”

All signs point to Trump’s acquittal even after the House impeachment managers delivered a damning, multimedia presentation of the facts: The former president incited a violent insurrection against the government of the United States.

In a ZORA post this week titled “The GOP Is America’s Abusive Partner,” Danielle wrote:

“If we want the abuse to end, we have to be the ones to make it stop. We make it stop by telling the truth — the entire truth—about America.”

That’s why Danielle doesn’t mince words.

“I fucking hate Republicans. I really do … They have spent the last several years gaslighting us. And what we are left with a broken economy, close to 500,000 Americans dead, a ravaged Capitol Building, five dead from an insurrection and hundreds more maimed –– from the party that talks about blue lives.”

The GOP is the party of the domestic terrorists who wielded “the fucking flag as a weapon of torture” on January 6, she adds.

“As a student of Black history, we've seen that move before,” says Toure.

And as history continues to unfold at the Capitol, our hosts unpack the madness of the not-so Grand, definitely Old Party –– and where TF America goes from here.

Episode Highlights –– We Hate the GOP

Our gaslit nation

The last few years have seemed like a sharp descent into madness on the right wing of American politics. But Trump is the symptom, not the cause, says Toure.

“He is the worst manifestation of it. This is a decades-old pattern of gaslighting among the GOP –– of using the legislative process in a weaponized way to attack government, rather than create solutions.”

Those weapons include “the politics of personal destruction,” “outright lies” and “conspiracy theories,” he adds.

The gaslighting is amplified by a “right-wing media circus that is large and wild,” and a rabid base of extremists like the ones we saw at the Capitol. But Republican elected officials go along with the lies perpetuated by that circus –– and those monkeys.

If they don’t, they'll be primaried by candidates even further to the right, Toure argues.

“They will never do anything that could possibly cause them to lose their job. So the party is adrift. It’s completely broken. I just wonder if they can come back.”

The unique dysfunction of the Republican party

Danielle vehemently doesn’t give a fuck if they come back at all. She thinks the GOP has “turned into a cult” and it “imploded” long before the Capitol insurrection.

But because the Republican party is essentially one of two in our electoral system, Toure argues, their dysfunction “is damaging to the entirety of America. They are fighting against democracy. This does hurt our attempt to try to move the country forward.”

Danielle thinks we have to reimagine our political system entirely. In the absence of sanity on the right, it is “incumbent upon those of us who still have our wits about us, and still believe in truth and facts and science and all of these things, to say: What comes next?”