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‘Storm Trumpers’ Wreak a New Dystopia

On this episode of democracy-ish, Danielle and Toure come to you as Trump’s secret military police turn Portlandlandia into a dystopia, and we’re bracing for their deployment to Detroit, Chicago, New York –– ostensibly anyplace that’s a stronghold of the resistance.

  • ‘Storm Trumpers’ invade Portland, tear-gassing citizens and creating chaos. Chicago, Detroit and all other pockets of the resistance are next.

  • Our media aren’t reporting what’s happening in Stumptown. We can’t expect them to cover what happens tomorrow.

  • Trump won in 2016 based on ‘economic anxiety.’ He can’t use that argument again … right?

Unnamed federal agents in generic military-esque uniforms, rounding up protestors in unmarked vehicles: It’s not East Berlin or the West Bank; it’s Portland in 2020.

“Where are they going?” Danielle asks. “They're not going to your local county jail ... You think these detention centers around this country are just for undocumented people? No, they’ll eventually be filled with Trump's dissenters.”

Toure thinks we’re living through “an incredibly frightening chapter, straight out of fascist dictator history, coming to a city near you.”

Nothing the Trump administration has done so far has terrified him more, he adds.

“This assault on citizens, on protesters and on democracy itself is absolutely insane.”

Danielle is equally frightened, but not surprised. “This has been my biggest fear,” she says. “Things are going to get bloodier before they get better.”

As we approach a mere 100 days before the election, we have to be vigilant AF because, she argues, “Donald Trump is going to pull shit that we have never seen before in this country.”

That’s where we’re at this week.

Grand theft auto(cracy)

Everything Trump and his cronies have done is textbook autocracy, Danielle argues. She points to Masha Gessen’s essay, posted days after the election in 2016, on how to survive an autocracy. One of the first rules, Gessen wrote, is to believe the autocrat.

“We’ve made a joke of Donald Trump for so long,” says Danielle. He's becoming best friends with Kim Jong Un –– totally fine. He praises Putin. That's okay. MBS is one of his buddies. That's all right. Erdoğan, and on and on. He is showing us who he is and who he has always been.”

“Their behavior is lawless,” Toure says. “And why are they wearing camouflage in the city? It makes no sense. It's just cosplay.”

He thinks Trump is reprising “Wag the Dog” style tactics. Because presidents are most popular when we’re at war, why not manufacture one?

But instead of attacking another country, Trump is ginning up unrest at home –– so people will think, “We have to maintain the course. We have to reelect him to create order because things are so wild,” Toure adds.

‘Storm Trumpers’ deployed on American soil

Federal agents from the US border patrol and ICE have specific jurisdictions. But Trump is giving them carte blanche to do “whatever the fuck they want,” Danielle says. Her friend, MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, calls them “Storm Trumpers.”

She adds: “If you were looking for an alarm, with 100 plus days until the election, this is it. Because these storm troopers are going to be placed at poll stations. Mark my fucking words: It’s going to happen.”

Portland’s occupied — where’s the media at?

At the beginning of Trump’s first term, it seemed as if every news network was airing “wall-to-wall coverage of an empty fucking podium,” says Danielle.

But now, an American city is occupied by unnamed federal agents, and we basically hear {crickets} from mainstream media outlets.

“We got the preview when William Barr gave authorization for these motherfuckers to trample, literally and figuratively, the rights of American citizens in Lafayette Park. That was our preview to what is happening in Portland –– which is going to be the trailer leading up to what’s going to happen on Election Day. How is this not the story?”

Toure doesn’t have an answer. “I don't understand it. And it's not just a Portland story.”

That’s because, as Yamiche Alcindor and others have reported, Trump plans to deploy his personal gestapo to other cities.