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RiRi Is Rich AF, but Capitalism Is in Decline

RiRi Is Rich
RiRi Is Rich

On this episode of democracy-ish, money talks. Well, Toure and Danielle talk about money.

  • This week, Forbes reported that Rihanna joined the rarified ranks of the world’s billionaires. Only 15 other Black people on the planet have amassed that kind of wealth.

  • While Danielle and Toure applaud Rihanna’s achievement, particularly because she’s self-made, they argue that the mere existence of billionaires is … problematic.

  • In a world in which so few have so much, can we ask the super-wealthy to help solve big problems? And what, if anything, do Black billionaires owe Black communities?

It’s official: The world has a new billionaire –– Robyn Rihanna Fenty. There are just 15 other Black billionaires in the world, and only one other Black woman (Oprah) is on the Forbes list.

Rihanna made her name as a bestselling pop star, but her beauty and fashion businesses make up the lion’s share of her fortune. In addition to the lingerie brand Savage x Fenty (valued at $1 billion), Rihanna owns half of