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Georgia on Our Minds: Why Stacey Abrams Is Biden’s Best VP Choice

This week, democracy-ish hosts Danielle Moodie and Touré are joined by political scientist Christina Greer, who wrote this week in the Daily Beast that Stacey Abrams is the only viable running mate for Joe Biden. She’s here to discuss why –– and a whole lot more.

  • Georgia opens tattoo parlors, Trump suspends immigration and MAGA-hatted folks continue to throw anti-quarantine tantrums.

  • “To Kaine” is a verb. Christina explains it all.

  • Does the VP pick even matter? (Spoiler alert: two out of three pundits on this episode think so.)

“Ladies: quick question before we dive into the issues of the day,” says Touré. “Let's say your state reopens. You can go to your colorist. You can go to a bar. You do whatever you want. Where are you going?

“Home,” says Christina. “Hard pass. I'm not going anywhere.”

Danielle feels the same way.

“I'm gonna stay inside until my lord and savior Governor Cuomo decides it's safe for me to go back to my hairstylist.”

Pull up a chair (at home, of course!) and get comfortable. It’s going to be a while.

Episode Highlights –– Who Should Biden Pick? Who Will Be Biden’s VP?

‘Whiteness at its worst’

This week, Georgia will reopen hair salons, barbershops, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors. The mayor of Las Vegas wants to welcome tourists back to the Strip, and protesters across the country rally bearing signs with slogans like ‘give me liberty or give me COVID.’ Meanwhile, Trump suspended all immigration to the U.S.

And yet, “In order for the United States to reopen successfully, we need to be doing 20 million tests a day,” Danielle says. “We’ve done 4 million in about a month. What I want to do is close down the borders around sanity.”

Touré thinks the anti-lockdown protests “are kind of like an adult temper tantrum. Like, this country told me I could do whatever I want to do. And I want to do it now.”

Christina points out that if the protesters “actually believed in science, they’d realize that these deaths are real. It's not a mainstream media hoax.”

But because the virus is disproportionately affecting people of color, it’s not hitting home with the MAGA crowd.

Danielle is disgusted. “This is whiteness at its worst. That's all I'm gonna say. They don't care that it's Black and Latinx people dying. That's why they want to reopen everything.”

Kaine-ing: The political equivalent of being a wallflower

Christina’s Daily Beast op-ed is built on the fact that Black voters have been crucial to every Democratic presidential victory. She sees Stacey Abrams as “the only candidate who could help with the crucial two-stage process of victory: campaigning and governance.”

Joe Biden is 77 years old, and will be 78 if he's sworn in this coming January.

“So we need someone who voters feel is competent and smart,” Christina says, “who can step in if, God forbid, anything happens to Biden.”

In the meantime, she adds, “we need to make sure we don't ‘Tim Kaine’ ourselves.”

By that, she means choosing someone who would be a smart, savvy VP, but who wouldn’t dazzle on the campaign trail –– “especially since we'll have to campaign in such a unique fashion,” Christina says.

“We need someone who connects with voters, who can tell stories, who can make voters interested and thoughtful ... We can't have someone who's kind of awkward … and can’t get people motivated.”

Without a strong VP, the right wing might convince people to stay home. And left-leaning voters aren’t excited, says Christina, “Republicans win.”

Is Stacey Abrams the hope and change we need?