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An Infamous Polluter of the Airwaves Drops the Mic for Good

On this episode of democracy-ish, Danielle and Toure are (virtually) dancing on Rush Limbaugh’s fresh-AF grave. They’d normally hesitate to speak ill of the dead, but “this is a special case,” says Toure. “This is different.”

  • Longtime right-wing talk radio host and implausible Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday after a long battle with being a decent human being. But his legacy is very much alive.

  • Limbaugh was an alt-right pioneer who is largely responsible for the Republican Party’s devolution toward hate-mongering, conspiracy theories and personal grievances.

  • Post-Trump administration, how can we hold his pundit-class progeny accountable for their inflammatory speech? And why is the news still full of white privilege run amok?

“Happy Rush Limbaugh Is Dead Day to you,” says Toure.

“To you, as well. I don't think we’ll go to hell for saying that,” Danielle replies.

Toure doesn’t, either, because Limbaugh “was racist, sexist, homophobic and one of the more horrible people over the past several decades. That it happened in Black History Month is apropos.”

That’s saying quite a bit considering what’s transpired in recent years.

“When Donald Trump dies, we will not be like, well, he tried his hardest,” Toure says. People like the ex-president and Rush Limbaugh “went out of their way to profit off the business of damaging the country by feeding the basest, most evil, most white-supremacist urges of white people.”

And because of their insensate greed, “they’ve made our lives more difficult on a day to day basis,” he adds. “I'll have no sympathy when the Grim Reaper comes and takes them away.”

Episode Highlights –– Happy Rush Is Dead Day

RIP, bulls****er of legend

Toure sees Limbaugh (and his ‘90s counterpart in Congress, Newt Gingrich) as responsible for “reshaping the Republican Party in its modern image: evil, fact-hating, conspiracy-loving, about the politics of personal destruction, the weaponization of government, the abject hatred of Democrats, pro-white male, anti-everybody else.”

There's a direct line between Limbaugh and Trumpism, he adds.

Limbaugh’s work “helped expand the right-wing media ecosphere, where you have to basically shout, in terms of having a crazier conspiracy theory than anyone else, to even be heard. Which ends up in the Big Lie and 1/6.”

Toure thinks the world is “absolutely a better place without him having a microphone to blast his lies and his bullshit to a gigantic audience.”

“He was a disgusting, piece of shit of a fucking human being,” says Danielle. “He didn't deserve to have a microphone.”

‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story’

Danielle wonders what good the FCC rules and other agencies that monitor airwaves do, when Limbaugh spent years spreading vicious lies every day.

She’s particularly disgusted by the things he said about gay people –– that led to people's deaths.

“When people tweet that he was entertaining –– for fucking whom? Because there were kids who were having a shit beat out of them, who decided to hang themselves, because of the likes of the Rush Limbaughs of the world.”

We need to get real about the “actual residue that Rush Limbaugh left on our society for the last 30 years. The vitriol and violence caused because of it. The way in which he lambasted people of the Muslim faith post-911. The way in which he talked about women.”

She’s reminded of the saying “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

“Every storyteller knows that,” Danielle says. “Fine, you can go on fucking radio for three hours. You can go on for three days if nobody’s fact-checking you.”

She thinks Rush Limbaugh essentially was the Republican political version of “Tales from the Crypt”: “It doesn't have to fucking make sense.”

Not-so-fresh air

“It must be nice to be a right-wing, political media figure and not have to worry about truth, or reality, or logic or history,” says Toure. “To just say whatever the fuck you want. On the right they don't care about shit like that.”

A while back when he had a midday commute, Toure used to listen to Rush Limbaugh somewhat regularly. He’d listen for about 30 minutes “just to hear what the other side was saying,” he explains.

The show was full of “straw-man, slippery-slope” arguments. Limbaugh had that “right-wing way of saying things that are completely untrue, making extrapolations that make n