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2020 Democratic Primaries: Where Bernie and Biden Stand on Key Issues

And then there were two. With Bloomberg out (half a billion dollars poorer, no less) and Elizabeth Warren’s emotional exit from the race, it’s down to two main contenders: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. The two 70+ year old men are gearing up to duke it out over the remaining 30-plus states and territories.

Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States Joe Biden

Photo By Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden: Call him the Comeback King. Bolstered by a long list of endorsements—notably those of Congressman Jim Clyburn and former competitors Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris—Joe Biden did a one-eighty on Super Tuesday that blew the hair back of even the most sober pundits.

Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Photo By Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

Bernie Sanders: Despite big losses on Super Tuesday, Bernie won the grand prize of the night—California, but a week later he lost his comeback stronghold in Michigan. Even though he has fallen behind in the delegate race, Sanders is still in the ring.

Where They Stand

If you’ve been too busy—you know, trying to put food on the table—to follow the never-ending circus that is our presidential race, we’ve got your back. Here’s a rundown of where the two candidates stand on key issues


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