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Rev. Mark A. Thompson provides critical insights into how our political system affects people of color in America, a topic too

rarely covered in our homogenized

media landscape. 

Mark Thompson (Matsimela Mapfumo)

An ordained minister and lifelong political activist, the Reverend has been a part of every major social justice movement of the last 35 years. He has been a radio broadcaster for three decades, beginning in 1988 with Radio One, Inc., and has been frequently called upon as a television commentator for more than a decade. 


Rev. Thompson has championed the movement to end the death penalty in the United States, helping to organize and lead the “Thou Shall Not Kill” campaign in 1992 against a Congressionally imposed ballot initiative forcing the death penalty on the District of Columbia. 


The Reverend has put his body on the line for what he believes, serving 20 days in jail in 1993 for an act of civil disobedience that helped win the first-ever Congressional vote on DC Statehood, and he received the United Nations Association 2004 Human Rights Award in recognition of a lifetime of fighting for social justice and human rights. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg—Rev. Thompson has emceed the Million Man March, organized for Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign, and he chaired the NAACP Metropolitan Police and Criminal Justice Review Task Force for the DC Branch.

Rev. Mark A. Thompson hosts Make It Plain, a daily podcast covering news, issues and politics from a Black progressive point of view.  



Thompson is a true champion for justice. His Make It Plain podcast is essential listening, covering politics, breaking news, social justice, and human rights. Subscribe to hear new episodes every Wednesday. 
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